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What challenges are you facing:

  • Career issues?
  • Want to develop your business?
  • Work/life balance?
  • Unclear about direction/goals?
  • Unsure how to achieve them?
  • Approaching a life transition point?
  • Financial problems (personal or business)?
  • Greater personal development?
  • Improving your self esteem?
  • Lack of confidence, motivation or energy?
  • Interested in how your spirituality can better integrate with the rest of your life?

If any of these apply there are three ways you could respond:


  1. Hope it resolves itself in time. Unfortunately life shows us that often this isn’t the case
  2. Attempt to solve it yourself (and/or with friends and family). This can sometimes work, but everyone can be so involved it is ‘hard to see the wood for the trees’ and you feel ‘stuck’
  3. Seek professional and independent help, which is where Life Coaching or Business Coaching can be invaluable