Life Coaching

Work/Life Balance

Do you need to explore how to get a better balance between work and life?

Goal Setting

Would you welcome some independent help to set goals in life and creating the plan to achieve them?


Now that you are approaching a well earned retirement what are your plans for the future?

Limiting Beliefs

Do you feel held back in life by beliefs (often from many years ago) that are no longer helpful?

Work Change

Maybe you need to explore a career change to a different field, including if facing redundancy?


At any stage of life volunteering with a charity can b a wonderful way of giving something back

Personal Development

Are you looking to develop more as a person, realise your true potential and work towards achieving it?


Do you have issues with your finances and would value some help in budgeting better?


Might you be looking to explore how your belief system or faith could be more integrated with life?